Can You Clean Smoke Damage or Should You Hire a Professional

Smoke damage refers to the smoke residues that adhere to the furniture after the fire is put out. It is best not to clean up the smoke damage yourself because you may not know the proper procedure and you don’t have the right equipment to do so. Attempting to clean up the smoke damage yourself can result in a greater extent of contamination and damages on your furniture.

The ash from the smoke is able to discolor all kinds of surfaces including wood, glass, plastic and metal. The soot can cause wooden surfaces to become black and surfaces of plastic and fiberglass to turn into yellowish color. Metal surfaces can tarnish and become corroded at a fast rate when exposed to the ash residues. The discoloration of the furniture’s surface is not the only harm the fire has done. The particles from the smoke residues contain carcinogen that can deteriorate the lung health when you breathe them in.

You can get sick if you try to clean up the smoke damage yourself. Hiring a professional smoke restoration contractor prevents you from suffering any health problem while you are attempting to restore your home. The fire restoration company is equipped with a team of expert professionals that have been trained to undertake all sizes of smoke damage restoration projects.

If you hire a fire restoration contractor, they will first send an inspector to inspect the extent of the smoke damage.
They will identify the furniture that can be salvaged and the furniture that is destroyed by the fire to the extent that it needs to be thrown away. During fire, the black smoke will adhere onto the surface of your furniture. The fire restoration worker will use industrial grade cleaning supplies to remove the ash residues that have built up on the surface. They will also identify the source of the smoke odor and use a specialized odor remover to remove the odor.

The fire restoration worker will seal off the furniture to prevent the odor from continuing to fill the atmosphere. It is important to call the fire restoration contractor as soon as the fire has been put out so that the building can quickly be restored to a functional state. If you delay, the ash residues will have permanently discolored your furniture so that you need to spend more money to replace them.

The high acidity of ash means that it will be harder to clean up if you procrastinate and delay in seeking help from a smoke damage restoration company. When choosing a smoke damage restoration company, you must make sure it is certified and holds the appropriate licensing. The company should be certified by a respectable organization such as Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certificate (IICRC

Certified Fire and Smoke Contractors to Consider:

New York Cleanup Pros
301 Terry Rd
Smithtown, New York 11787
Tel: 631-449-7240

Interstate Restoration
3401 Quorum Drive, Suite 300
Ft. Worth, TX 76137
Office: 800–622–6433

DKI Services
25 Northwest Point Blvd. Suite 1000
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
Phone: (630) 350-3000

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